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Hi, I’m Vernz and welcome to my blog, actually just one of my blogs. This blog writes about the past, present and future tenses of my teaching life, in and outside of the classroom, both awesome and not.

Have something to tell me? Just fill in this form and hit submit, I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m out of the classroom :)

See more of me here;
Woman’s Elan Vital
Consumer Mom Talks
Some Things Are Free
Mama Vernz Theory
The Virtual Wanderer
Green Femme

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2 Responses to About | Write Me Here

  1. Alain says:

    Good information and facts! I have been seeking something like this for a little bit now. With thanks!

  2. Lalah says:

    Wow… how do manage all those blogs?
    I will try to read all your blogs and follow. You are an excellent writer. This blog pa lang gani lingaw na kaayo ko read.

    Thanks for the visit and the follow. Hope you could visit my other blog and if you like you can also follow, :) http://lalahslifeatitsbest.blogspot.com/

    God Bless.

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